TM2 Series, ATEX Diaphragm Pumps

Made of injected polypropylene parts or CNC machined polyethylene blocks, allow to transport highly corrosive and aggressive fluids.
These high-performance pumps do not require the use of other types of energy besides compressed air.

Pump Selector:

Product max Flow Pressure (4bar Air Pressure) max Flow Rate (4bar Air Pressure) Connections Body Material Max Temperature formula Calculated Flow Pressure (4bar Air Pressure)
TM2-120 3.95 bar 5.1 m³/h 0.75" HDPE,PP,PTFE 120 °C -7.139E-02*$postVol**2-3.606E-01*$postVol+4.010E+00 4.01 bar
TM2-150 3.95 bar 6.9 m³/h 1" HDPE,PP,PTFE 120 °C -3.855E-02*$postVol**2-2.729E-01*$postVol+4.005E+00 4.005 bar
TM2-260 3.95 bar 12.12 m³/h 1.5" HDPE,PP,PTFE 120 °C -1.331E-02*$postVol**2-1.439E-01*$postVol+4.006E+00 4.006 bar
TM2-550 3.95 bar 24 m³/h 2" HDPE,PP,PTFE 120 °C -2.851E-03*$postVol**2-8.596E-02*$postVol+4.009E+00 4.009 bar
TM2-60 3.95 bar 2.64 m³/h 0.5" HDPE,PP,PTFE 120 °C -2.728E-01*$postVol**2-6.699E-01*$postVol+3.975E+00 3.975 bar
  • Alternative Operating Pressure