M Series, Centrifugal Pumps

Horizontal normal suction hermetic tight magnet drive pumps.

Manufactured in Germany

Materials:PP, PVDF and stainless steel
Flow rate:0.5 to 65 m³/h
head:to 37 mFl.S.
engine power:0.25 to 15 kW

Pump Selector:

Product Code max Head max Flow Rate Motor Power formula formula Calculated Head Calculated Motor Power
M100 11 m 12 m³/h 0.37 kW -2.113E-03*$postVol**3-3.866E-02*$postVol**2-3.345E-02*$postVol+1.097E+01 -4.695E-04*$postVol**2+2.600E-02*$postVol+1.663E-01 10.97 m 0.1663 kW
M100 14 m 15 m³/h 0.55 kW -4.849E-03*$postVol**3+3.212E-02*$postVol**2-4.823E-02*$postVol+1.414E+01 -3.588E-04*$postVol**2+2.724E-02*$postVol+3.087E-01 14.14 m 0.3087 kW
M100-CP 18 m 16 m³/h 0.75 kW -3.535E-03*$postVol**3+1.900E-02*$postVol**2-1.980E-01*$postVol+1.831E+01 -3.44E-05*$postVol**3-1.66E-03*$postVol**2+4.13E-02*$postVol+4.17E-01 18.31 m 0.417 kW